A car accident can change your life in a split second; one wrong action from a negligent driver can become the cause of significant injury and, in some cases, even death. Often, it is distracted driving which causes automobile accidents. However, many other reasons may lead to fatal car accidents such as speeding, drunk driving, inclement weather, reckless driving etc. No matter the cause, a car accident can lead to severe anxiety and create long-term fear about driving.

Atlanta’s leading attorney, Clark McGehee, offers his expertise on how to best respond to a car accident and shares crucial tips:

1. Most importantly, look to see if you’re injured or if any of the passengers involved in the accident have been injured. If yes, call emergency services.

2. Move your vehicle to the side of the road if it is safe to do so and maintain composure.

3. It is advisable to not engage in conversation with anyone in the other car or anyone else involved in the car accident.

4. Take photos of the scene, such as any damages to the vehicle, license plate etc.

5. Call the police and your insurance. Have them file a report on your behalf but refrain from giving too much detail until you speak with your legal counsel.

6. Exchange information with the other driver and contact your legal counsel, Clark McGehee, with Johnson and Ward.

It is advisable to contact a personal injury lawyer who will guide you through the process and ensure you receive fair compensation. Moreover, it becomes imperative to hire a personal injury attorney if the circumstances of the accident are not precise and it may not be clear who was at fault. The lawyer will conduct a thorough investigation on your behalf to ensure liability is fairly determined.

Clark McGehee is a trial attorney specializing in all aspects of personal injury/wrongful death civil litigation. With his decades of experience, he can provide his services on a wide array of subjects such as automotive/trucking litigation, aviation and railroad litigation, product liability, medical and professional negligence, highway design, architectural and engineering negligence, and related Plaintiffs’ tort litigation.

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