Clark McGehee at Johnson and Ward in Atlanta specializes in personal injury law, and he is not only seasoned in dealing with victims of trucking accidents but he is also known to take a firm stand against trucking corporations.

Did you know?

• Several thousand people died in large truck crashes in 2020.
• The number of people who died in large truck crashes was 28 percent higher in 2020 than in 2009

The statistics are alarming! Georgia is known for its extremely busy road networks with large commercial trucks transporting produce and other materials across the length and breadth of the country. Given the urgency of their job, truck drivers are made to work long hours and have to adhere to stringent delivery deadlines, so despite their professional training in handling 18-wheelers, disastrous accidents do happen, often proving fatal for people traveling in passenger cars.

A collision with a commercial truck can be due to a truck driver’s negligence or road conditions, but no matter the reason, the accident can lead to catastrophic injuries. The victim’s life is changed forever, with huge medical bills piling up quickly.

If you have been involved in such an accident or know anyone who has and is dealing with traumatic injuries (both physical and mental), please remember that it is critical to appoint someone who specializes in personal injury law to get you justice and fair compensation.

Just like urgent medical care is necessary, a trusted lawyer specializing in trucking accident litigation is equally essential. A qualified attorney like Clark McGehee, who has been standing up against trucking corporations for decades, is YOUR ANSWER.

Mr. McGehee specializes in personal injury law and has over 40 years of experience going up against large trucking corporations. He holds a deep understanding of the relevant laws and has the best team who will fight for you and thoroughly investigate your claim.

Clark McGehee’s take on trucking accidents

Trucking accidents are one of the most fatal types of motor vehicle accidents and, unfortunately, one of the most common in Atlanta. Speeding, driver impairment, blind spots and road conditions are common causes of these crashes, and the aftermath is brutal. In my career, I have seen numerous trucking accidents and have helped many families fight for the justice they deserve. I understand how it may feel to have one’s life turned upside down in a flash. Therefore, I have made it my mission to help these vulnerable victims get fair compensation and justice for themselves and their families.

About Clark McGehee

Clark McGehee specializes in personal injury/wrongful death civil litigation. With his decades of experience, he can provide his services on a wide array of subjects such as automotive/trucking, aviation, railroad, product liability, medical/professional negligence, highway design, architectural/engineering negligence, and related Plaintiffs’ tort litigation.

He has been selected for inclusion in “Georgia Super Lawyers” since 2004 and was chosen by the National Trial Lawyers Organization for inclusion in “The Top 100 Trial Lawyers” in 2011.

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